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No New Posts >> The Site

Here you can find a description of the site. The rules, plots, settings, and a brief summary of the site's going-ons can be found here.

Subboards: Description, Rules, Settings

Sub-boards: >> Description, >> Rules, >> Settings

by Rolo
Apr 7, 2012 2:52:57 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Members

Here the members can post bios for themselves, introduce themselves to the forum, or make note of when they'll be taking a leave.

Subboards: New, Biographies, Absences

Sub-boards: >> New, >> Biographies, >> Absences

104 494 Hello there.
by Grey
Jan 21, 2015 1:07:39 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Updates

Here you can find all the site updates. You never know when we might update, so check back here regularly. Here you will also find the appropriate subboards to ask questions and suggest things for the site.

Subboards: Support, announcements, suggestions

Sub-boards: >> Support and site help, >> Announcements, >> Suggestions

29 83 FoF lives
by Glowy
Jan 13, 2015 20:36:33 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Advertising

To affiliate with FoF, post your request on the appropriate thread. Advertisements go in their own sub-board and will be flushed once a month. You can re-post an advertisement when the old one is deleted.

Subboards: First time, link back

Sub-boards: >> First time, >> link back, >> Complete First time

317 357 Ivyclan Forever: a warriors roleplay
by Ivyclan Staff
Apr 21, 2016 23:58:44 GMT -10


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No New Posts >> Cat Central

Located here are the sub-boards for adopting cats (including applying for kits), arranging apprentices and mentors, finding out what names have been taken, and creating character logs.

subboards: adoptions, apprentices and mentors, looking for..., names, userlogs

Sub-boards: >> adoptions, >> apprentices and mentors, >> looking for..., >> names, >> user logs

50 146 Maplepaw of StreamClan [mentor needed]
by Piewonder
Dec 4, 2012 10:56:54 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Plots

Learn of the heritage behind the clans by looking at the Clan Histories and Clan Plotlines and, in turn, create some history yourself. Come here to discuss plans for plots and get them accepted by an admin.

Sub-boards: >> Plot Planning, >> Plot Processing, >> Accepted 'OPEN' Plots, >> Accepted 'CLOSED' Plots, >> Fogclan Plot , >> Meadowclan Plot

by nightfall
Jan 12, 2015 6:38:08 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Rankings

This is the place to apply your ranking positions (leader, deputy, medicine cat, and medicine cat apprentice). Make sure the position is open before applying and that you post the application in the right sub-board using the correct form.

Sub-boards: >> streamclan rankings, >> meadowclan rankings, >> fogclan rankings, >> pineclan rankings, >> cats in limbo

20 37 Cloverleaf (medicine cat) WIP
by auburnstar
May 28, 2013 7:32:45 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Applications

Here is where you apply for your characters. Be sure to put the application in the correct clan sub-board.

Sub-boards: >> Streamclan applications , >> Meadowclan applications , >> Fogclan applications , >> Pineclan Applications, >> Other cat applications , >> Cats in Limbo

71 96 Sycamoretail
by Glowy
Jan 14, 2015 21:19:50 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Accepted Characters

All accepted cats can be found here, ordered by clan.

Sub-boards: >> Accepted Streamclan Cats , >> Accepted Meadowclan Cats , >> Accepted Fogclan Cats , >> Accepted Pineclan Cats, >> Accepted Other Cats, >> Inactive cats

130 238 Shadepaw
by noctali
Oct 24, 2012 7:44:23 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Starclan

Cats that have died will be moved here, ordered by clan.

Sub-boards: >> Streamclan Cats, >> Meadowclan Cats, >> Fogclan Cats, >> Pineclan Cats, >> Other cats

3 3 Eros;; Healer, matchmaker, diva.
by Glowy
Jun 21, 2011 14:56:13 GMT -10


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No New Posts >> Meadowclan Camp

Thick bushes of long grass, old badger/fox sets, and various hills make up the camp and it's wall for MeadowClan. Here you can role play the going-ons of the camp, from the medicine cat's den to leader announcements.

3 43 Through New Eyes ~open~
by RiiRii
Dec 29, 2012 14:55:46 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Meadowclan Territory

MeadowClan's territory is a large expanse of dry and long grass. Hills scatter the land (as well as abandoned fox and badger sets) and the residence are lean, perfect for running the far distances of open space. Here you can role play practically anything that takes place out side of the clan's camp.

Subboards: Hunting, Training Hollow

6 40 Out of the Dust (post-Ignition) L0V0S0
by noctali
Oct 26, 2012 11:48:41 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Meadowclan Border

Getting passed the large meadow takes you to the border of MeadowClan, which connects you to the other three clans. Here one can play a simple border patrol, a secret meeting, or who knows what. As long as it takes place by the border.

3 32 The Bear and the Badger (BearxHawk)
by Piewonder
Oct 17, 2012 16:26:06 GMT -10


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No New Posts >> Fogclan Camp

The FogClan camp is surrounded by thick brambles and clumps of ferns, providing more than adequate protection in the thick forest. This is where one would roleplay what occurs in the FogClan camp.

8 59 A Thorn in the Side [Bright x Alder] [L0S0V0]
by Cloudbat
Feb 14, 2015 11:25:57 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Fogclan Territory

Located in a thick forest, FogClan's territory is hard to navigate if you haven't been trained in it. Early mornings usually mean fog, and lots of it. Some days cats must wait until sunhigh to hunt properly. The role play here can be anything that takes place outside of camp.

Subboards: Hunting, Training Hollow

7 50 [VolexDovexFalcon] A gruelling assessment
by Glowy
Feb 6, 2015 14:16:23 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Fogclan Border

On the edge of FogClan territory the thick trees and undergrowth fade out to reveal the other three clans' territories. Border role plays should be played here, and make sure what you have going on is appropriate for the borders.

5 55 [OPEN! FLASH EVENT PC/FC] Perceptions Collide
by Piewonder
Apr 2, 2013 15:20:33 GMT -10


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No New Posts >> Streamclan Camp

The farthest bit of the river, just near the border of StreamClan territory far from the other clans is a muddle of reeds and grass, which make up the clan's camp. Part of the river runs right by it, making flooding dangerous.

4 33 Elder Tales- GorsexKite
by noctali
Oct 26, 2012 12:07:05 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Streamclan Territory

With the river and smaller creeks running through it, StreamClan territory is very murky under foot. But get far enough from the water and clumps of trees and drier bushes can be found, sheltering prey. Here is where you role play out of StreamClan camp.

Subboards: Hunting, Training Hollow

3 20 Contemplations. [SootxJaeger] (private)
by Glowy
Dec 21, 2012 1:03:43 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Streamclan Border

The river runs down most of the border, keeping on the StreamClan side for the most parts. Bits of it slip into other clans. PineClan's border seems to be the driest, and the easiest to cross. Cats can be played here for border-related things only.

2 15


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No New Posts >> Pineclan Camp

Dense grouping of pine trees with only a few spaces of undergrowth make hunting solely on the ground a little difficult. A large patch of oak and maple trees lies near the FogClan border, providing a good hunting place. Out of camp experiences can be played here.

5 29 Collaboration of Chaos (CrowxJunco) L0S0V0
by Cloudbat
Jul 11, 2012 6:34:32 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Pineclan Territory

Nestled into a pine forest, PineClan camp is surrounded by lower growing trees and dense undergrowth. Here one can role play anything that takes place in the camp.

Subboards: Hunting, Training Hollow

10 129 Conflicting Ideals [Raven x Crow] [L1S0V0]
by Glowy
Feb 10, 2015 19:23:39 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Pineclan Border

Pine trees fade out to blend in with the territories of the surrounding three clans. The border provides a place to play patrols, meetings, or even a betrayal.

3 43 [L0S0V0]Boats against the current.[RainxOwl]
by Glowy
Oct 14, 2012 17:39:10 GMT -10

Sacred Lands

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No New Posts >> Moonglade

One every half moon the medicine cats come here to speak with StarClan and share amongst themselves. The connection with the warrior ancestors are strongest here. Leaders may often come to seek guidance.

3 32 [L0S0V0] 9.17.2012 Medicine Cat Meeting!
by dusk
Oct 27, 2012 7:41:17 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Gathering

Once a moon the clans gather here to share news between themselves. Cats can also come here for secret meetings or from getting to one clan to another easily. Even medicine cats can come here, looking to find herbs.

2 19 Looking for Yesterday (HawkxFalcon)
by Cloudbat
Nov 29, 2012 6:48:38 GMT -10

Other lands

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No New Posts >> The Ranch

Off of the clans' territory there's an old, abandoned ranch. Here is where most loners and rogues make their homes before moving on or, in the rare case, chose to stay. The cats here could have nothing to do with the clans or be big roles within the clans.

1 2 Cracks in the Walls. And Pavement. And Everything.
Jan 3, 2013 20:04:50 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Other territories

Away from the clans and the rogues and loners and kittypets there lies open wilderness. Cats rarely live here, more often they chose to travel through toward the clans, blocked by mountains or the way they came.

1 4 Body and Soul [Gauze/Shika]
by Piewonder
Dec 4, 2012 10:31:42 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Kittypet Place

Kittypets live here with their twoleg owners. Rogues and loners can also be spotted here, but the clans have no connection to the pampered cats that make this their home.

2 8 Shhh! Nobody knows, yet! [Shade/Silver]
by RiiRii
Dec 30, 2012 2:05:13 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Pre-roleplay

If you want to test out your character or play out of the FoF canon here is the area for you! Remember, cats can be played here even if they do not have a bio! Roleplays in the past may also be played here.

Subboards: The past

Sub-board: The Past

36 286 a little rusty B) [ open rp w/ stripes]
by Hardy #MANGAMER
Jan 11, 2015 18:17:17 GMT -10


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No New Posts >> Discussion

Fancy a chat? Discussions here can range from light, to in depth, to utterly pointless! Whether it's books, movies or games you're interested in, look here for some intelligent discussion! Be sure to read the rules before you post.

Subboards: General chat, Member journals, Books, Movies and TV, Warriors Discussion, Games, Profanity

Sub-boards: >> General Chat, >> Member Journals, >> Books , >> Movies and TV, >> Warriors Discussion, >> Games, >> Profanity

46 259 -dusts out cobwebs-
by Piewonder
Apr 3, 2013 7:49:16 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Games

All and any games can be played here, just keep them appropriate. You can ask a staff member to delete a game board when it dies out.

6 593 The Arrow Game
by Cloudbat
Nov 6, 2012 7:04:44 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Member Works

Have a piece of prose, poetry or art to show off? This is the place!

All threads should be marked with ratings, and all work must be PG-13!

Subboards: Fanworks, Original Writing, Original Art, FSTs

Sub-boards: >> Fan works , >> Original Art, >> Original Writing, >> FSTs

17 236 Poi's Tables and Eye Color Manips
by ambird
Nov 10, 2012 6:33:22 GMT -10
No New Posts >> Archives

Sub-boards: >> Streamclan, >> Meadowclan, >> Fogclan, >> Pineclan, >> OOC archives, >> Other

by Sori
Jul 16, 2012 16:49:14 GMT -10


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No New Posts >> FoF Fanfiction

Here is where you can place your fanfiction for Forest of Fate. Make sure you follow the rules (especially the rating ones).
deadline: undecided.

Subboards: 100 word prompts, Closed contest entries

Sub-boards: >> 100 word prompts, >> Closed Contest entries

33 152 [ Child of Mine ]
by nightfall
Nov 9, 2012 2:20:38 GMT -10


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